Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parents and guardians are not permitted to drop children off at Wangaratta Little Athletics and leave - that is just not how little athletics works!

The motto of Little Athletics is "Family, Fun, and Fitness", and we rely on everyone to achieve this for our athletes.

Our Centre needs the assistance of approximately 40 volunteers to run all of our programmed events successfully each competition night.  And this means that there are loads of opportunities for parents, guardians and older siblings to get involved in our program.

We don't expect anyone to be an expert or to have any previous experience.  There is an Official at each event to show everyone what is required.  Many duties are easy, including:

  • raking the sand pit after a jump
  • marking a jump or throw
  • measuring a jump or throw
  • recording a time or distance
  • cooking and serving the BBQ
  • assist the kids in having fun.

Ordinarily, families are required to volunteer to assist with the running of our competition on 4 nights during the season.  Details are provided under the heading Family Roster below.

Under the COVID-Safe Competition Protocols for the 2020/21 Season, every athlete (U6-U16) must be supervised by a parent or guardian at every event. No exceptions.  We appreciate that there will be practical issues for families with more than one child competing, but this will be managed sensibly. 

The Event Official will call upon supervising parents/guardians to assist with running the event (i.e. measuring and recording results, disinfecting equipment, hand sanitising before and after each event/attempt).  Supervising parents will play a key role in ensuring that there is no contact between athletes, 1.5m physical distancing is strictly observed along with good hygiene practices.  We thank all parents and guardians in advance for their support.

There will be a single point of entry to the track, with a COVID-Safe registration process for all attendees.  Spectators are discouraged from attending whilst COVID-19 restrictions remain in place.

Family Roster

Athletics cannot be held without the help of parents to act as Officials.  You do not need to know all about athletics to be an Official.  Everyone can help in some way, be it raking a sandpit or writing out result tickets. Upon registering, you will be asked to nominate yourself for FOUR duties throughout the season.

On your duty day:

  • Report for duty by 5:15pm and tick your name off on the roster sheet at the information desk.
  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the event you are helping at.  A sheet is located at each event.  If unsure, ask the Committee Member or Official allocated to your event what you need to do.
  • Return field event equipment to the shed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Most importantly, assist the kids in having fun.

The Family roster is posted on Facebook each week.  If you are unable to fulfil your duty, please arrange to swap with another parent and let us know so that we can updated the roster.

If you have not completed your four duties at the season’s end, your child/ren will be ineligible to receive awards.